On Thu, May 18, 2006 at 09:14:47PM +1000, Stephen Thorne wrote:
> I think maybe generating the ChangeLog at releasetime would be the
> best plan...

Agreed.  I've checked the GNU Coding Standards that I've been following,
and they allow for the concept of automatic ChangeLog generation at
release time.


So after netrek-server-vanilla 2.11.1 the policy will be:

1.  contributed patches are not to change ChangeLog and NEWS,

2.  ChangeLog and NEWS will be updated during release (as a
darcs patch) based on the long comment and patch names of the
contributed patches.

In other words, we won't reject patches for lack of ChangeLog and NEWS,
but instead reject them for lack of suitable ChangeLog or NEWS type
material in the long comment and patch name respectively.

Until 2.11.1, we'll continue to require ChangeLog and NEWS changes.

Stephen agreed on IRC to find a way to generate a ChangeLog formatted
text stream for all patches since a tag version.  We should maintain
this in the repository.

Functional specification of this:

1.  input, the darcs repository, and a tag version of the previous

2.  output, a stream to be edited into the top of ChangeLog, in the form
date, double space, name, double space, e-mail address, blank line, long
comment, blank line.

3.  output, a stream to be edited into the top of NEWS, in the form
hyphen, space, patch name, space, [Author], newline.

I'm happy for this to be two separate commands to issue.

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