On Fri, 19 May 2006, William Balcerski wrote:
> > Ok, that make sense.  Does this mean masking the WAR flag for observers can be
> > removed?  That way you could still see if the observee had declared war.
> >
> > I wonder, does a similar issue exist for refit?  I don't think the bots will
> > ever get their PFREFITTING flag set, but once they do, it won't go away
> > either.
> >
> No, the WAR flag for obs still can't be masked - the one place where the
> delay in declare_war is needed (in socket handler) is the same place where
> both player and observer would send declare war request.

What I would do, is change the code in socket.c that checks for the 'lockout'
flags that disable client input.  Make it so that observers don't get locked
out.  Then the observer flag mask can be restored to it's old value, so that
observers can see refit, war declare, and transwarp.