On Mon, 22 May 2006, Jimmy Huang wrote:
> > I also think the change to remove mfprintf is not a
> > good idea.  I checked the
> > function on my computer, it works fine.  No crashes.
> >  I don't see anything
> > broken about it.  I suspect that maybe you are wrong
> > about the problem with
> > mfprintf.  At any rate, that band-aid will never fix
> > the bug.  It's like the
> > random changes you made for the closest planet bug,
> > they had nothing to do
> > with the real problem and didn't fix it.
> Okay, I remember the condition which causes mfprintf
> to SIGSEV.

Don't worry about this anymore.  I finally installed darcs and got the latest
version.  Someone has converted it from varargs to stdarg, but they didn't do
mfprintf() correctly.  I'm surprised no one who should know better has said
anything, the bug is obvious.  I have already fixed it, and will send it
when I have a patch bundle ready.