Here is a pile of patches for the robot.  Most of have been discussed here
before, a few are new ones.  For some reason, darcs insisted that I include
the glib Makefile patch in this bundle.  Just ignore that one or kill the glib
patch I sent before and use this one instead.

The patches, from oldest to newest:

Rollback robotd-fixes1.dpatch, all these fixes will be re-done here, but differently

Mon May 22 15:40:42 PDT 2006  Trent Piepho <xyzzy at>
  * fix mfprintf()
  When mfprintf() was changed from varargs to stdarg, it wasn't done
  correctly.  Fix this.

Tue May 23 00:45:25 PDT 2006  Trent Piepho <xyzzy at>
  * adapt when assaulting
  The assault planet code didn't re-check the target planet after the
  assult started.  If the planet was taken by another player on a friendly
  team, or modified by god, the robot would still try to bomb/take it, even
  when that action was no longer possible.  The robot will now check for
  planets is can not drop on, and abort the assault if so.  It will not try
  to bomb planets it can not bomb.  It will also stop reinforcing planets
  when they get to 4 armies.

Tue May 23 00:49:46 PDT 2006  Trent Piepho <xyzzy at>
  * fix neutral planet check
  Fix several bugs with check_take().  It didn't handle the case when no
  enemy planets were left.  It looked at the last enemy planet in the list,
  rather than the target enemy planet when deciding if it should take neut
  planets.  It would skip looking for neuts when it found an enemy agri and
  _didn't_ have enough armies to take it.

  Now it handles no enemy planets left.  It only skips looking for neut
  planets in preference of enemy planets if it has found an enemy agri and
  it _does_ have enough armies to take it.  In that case, the agri take
  will take precedence.

Tue May 23 00:55:48 PDT 2006  Trent Piepho <xyzzy at>
  * fix closest_planet
  closest_planet() would usually return NULL every other time it was
  called.  For speed, it would check the previous closest planet first,
  then look for a _closer_ planet.  If it didn't find one, it returned
  NULL, rather than the previous (and current) closest planet (which
  it now returns).

Tue May 23 01:00:23 PDT 2006  Trent Piepho <xyzzy at>
  * fix crash in RCD generation
  The code to generate the RCD message didn't handle the case when there
  were no visible friendly and/or enemy ships.  In this case,
  _state.closest_{e,f} would be NULL.  Do what clients do in this case, and
  use me->p_no when no suitable other player is known.

Tue May 23 01:08:45 PDT 2006  Trent Piepho <xyzzy at>
  * fix use of un-initialized variable
  Fix a warning about a un-initialized use of pldist in update_players().
  It didn't matter, but fix the warning anyway.

Tue May 23 01:54:09 PDT 2006  Trent Piepho <xyzzy at>
  * fix calls to req_cloak_off()
  Some calls to req_cloak_off() were missing the function's argument
  (reason string).

Tue May 23 03:08:06 PDT 2006  Trent Piepho <xyzzy at>
  * fix res danger
  The check for res danger would make the robot cloak when near _any_ home
  planet, so it would cloak even when bombing it's own core.  Unfortunately,
  it is not possible to tell from the planet flags whose home world a
  planet is.  Changed the code to only check the normal home planet
  indexes, skipping it's own HW, for proximity.  This makes the code much
  smaller and faster.  Realistically, the HWs are always at the standard
  indexes, even with non-standard planet layouts.  Included a bit of code,
  #if'ed out, that will find home worlds by name, the way the bot does when
  it wants to refit.

Tue May 23 04:09:21 PDT 2006  Trent Piepho <xyzzy at>
  * torp dir for robot
  Hadley's bot expects to get torp direction from the server, but the
  server only sends it for your own torps.  Someone probably changed this
  years ago to combat borgs.  Changed back to send it for other
  torps too.  Without it, the bot thinks all torps are going straight up,
  making it a very bad dodger (unless you attack from below).

  This should be fixed to only turn this on for the robot, so as not to
  help borgs.  This will have to wait on a better way to detect robots.