I think the max number of players in netrek are

all the letters in the alphabet and all the numbers.

So, 26+10, or 36. 

Your standard game is 8 vs. 8.  But in addition to
that. You can have up to 4 fighting robots that mix it
up, and they take slots too. Also, 1 robot that
controls the game. And a bunch of "observers", up to 8
(sometimes more, based on who sets up the server). 

People in the wait queue when the game is full, also
take up a slot. (Although U shouldn't get getting
information about these people).


--- Chris en Judith <narcis at lukassen.homelinux.com>

> Hi,
> i'm writing an ObjC client for netrek but notice
> that the server is  
> sending more than 16 players, in fact i've seen
> player 31 come by!  
> it's running out of my arrays but that is not the
> main problem,
> Why is it sending so many? i would think 16 is
> enough
> regards
> Chris
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