On Tue, 23 May 2006, Stas Pirogov wrote:
> As pretty fresh darcs user I also didn't find any good way
> to find who created this regression. I had to zcat all files
> under patches directory to actually find that Quozl is the man :)
> Is there good way to get version diff (i.e. something like cvs diff -r 1.1
> filename) ?

Put this in your ~/.darcs/defaults, or the _darcs/prefs/defaults file for
the repository:
ALL unified

Make the diffs much easier to read.

# Show a single patch
darcs diff -p name

# changes to working version since some patch
darcs diff --from-patch=name

# changes between two versions
darcs diff --from-patch=name --to-patch=name

The name is a regexp that will match against the patch name.  You can
also use the same commands but change 'patch' to 'match' and get a
version that let you specifiy a patch like this:

darcs diff --match="author Trent && name robot"
darcs diff --match="author jimmy && name robot"

There is no easy version number like in CVS or Mercurial.  The is a large
hash value for each patch, but I haven't found out how you get it.