On 5/23/06, Stas Pirogov <keyos at keyos.org> wrote:
> Attached is patch to fix test for 'ranlib -c' that didn't
> work on Solaris. Hopefully this one will work on any sh
> interpreter.

Thanks for the patch, but it fails to apply, Can you check the md5sum?
8da52ebce2725b4056a4e56a657b8a65 is what I get...

Can you check that ranlib on solaris has the same (broken) behaviour
as gnu ranlib? gnu ranlib will exit with an exit code of 0 if you pass
it -c. Can you check that solaris ranlib does so too?

> As pretty fresh darcs user I also didn't find any good way
> to find who created this regression. I had to zcat all files
> under patches directory to actually find that Quozl is the man :)
> Is there good way to get version diff (i.e. something like cvs diff -r 1.1
> filename) ?

darcs annotate has a really annoying output. but it shows you who
wrote every line.
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