On Wed, 24 May 2006, William Balcerski wrote:
> Yup I also changed client from ntohs to (short) ntohs.  -99960 is
> good enough imo, would be better if it was -100000 but I don't see
> how to do that.  Probably a rounding thing.  There are several

Maybe it would be a better idea to do the same thing that is done for other
players' positions.  If a player is outside the galaxy, no matter if it's at
12345678 or -10000 or -100000, it gets mapped to the coordinates galactic,
x=501, y=501.  The clients detect this as "player not on map".  The same thing
could be done for SP2 own position, set it to 0xffff, 0xffff when the player
is outside the galaxy.  The client could interpret this anyway it wants.

> packets, client stops redrawing due to xpos = -100000.  Yes it also
> requires a client change to receive the signed position correctly, and

Changes in the protocol are very important.  This is not the kind of thing
that should be ignored in all comments so that it can be snuck in.