But you can hard-code it in. 

There's a setting on the robots called "human factor"

They default to human factor 0. (Think Terminator,
Arnold Schwarzeneger)

With a human factor 10. They can't even shoot

We can modify newbie.c to send the robots in with
whatever human factor you want. 

I'll eventually need to add this feature into newbie
to read the sysdef to make such a change convenient
and easy. 

So we can have a "truly newbie" server, and "not so
newbie" server ;-P. 


--- William Balcerski <williamb at>

> I'm gonna sorta miss the robots that act all dumb,
> it was actually fun in
> a way to play against them with such bad AI.  And it
> might even be
> more useful for a newbie who is just as clueless to
> play against such
> robots.  Could there be a way to tone down robot AI
> (not just dogfighting
> skill) with a sysdef option?
> Bill
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