[William wrote]
> I too find this frustrating.
> Things that I've found that make the robots easier
> to play against,
> but it's really just redefining your playing style,
> which is really
> hard.
Heh. I had 2 goals when improving Hadley's AI. Both
really haven't been reached yet :-(. 

1. When an extremely clued player joins a game full of
robots, he couldn't make a difference. 

i.e. 8 Bot Roms vs. 1 human and 7 Bot Feds. Extreme
Clue doesn't cause Feds to win the game. 

2. In an 8 Bots vs. 8 Clued Humans game, Human's do
not, and cannot genocide the Bots. The bot's get cored
to 5 or 2 planets, but no geno. 

> I'd really like an option, "don't send every single
> enemy bot to ogg
> the player" :p

This is what happens in an INL game if they know
you've been carrying and are their only carrier :-). 

Anyways, point has been taken. 

--- Trent Piepho <xyzzy at speakeasy.org> wrote:
> On Wed, 24 May 2006, Jimmy Huang wrote:
> > But you can hard-code it in.
> The robot has the ability to read a command file on
> startup.  In this file,
> you could put a command like "hm 10" or whatever to
> dumb them down.  Have the
> newbie server start the bot with -C
> etcdir/newbie.commands, then stick your
> human level and what not in the newbie.commands
> files.  You could also tell
> the bot about bounce plasma, galaxy ships, and wrap
> around walls here.  The
> bot actually has code to play with these things.
> I think your new mad ogger robot code should have a
> command to toggle it.  I
> can imagine, this makes the robots much harder to
> play against.

You think I can just use the human factor level? Say
any human factor of 2,1,or 0 have the mad ogger. And
anything 3 or above (or some other cutoff), ignore?  

Or would you rather prefer a whole separate toggle?

Okay, looks like 2 coding requests. Make newbie.c
spawn robots that read a customizeable setup file.
Somehow make "mad ogger mode" a toggle switch, either
through human factor or whatever. 

It wasn't meant to be a mad ogger mode. The bots have
a single-mindedness about them. If they bomb, they do
nothing but bomb, while humans, are better at juggling
priorities. The code was to make them be able to
switch from bombing to ogging if a carrier was close
by (this is what alot of good clued players do). 

Also, I wanted to improve the ogging code. The ogging
code was originally designed to ogg starbases. If U
run away, they should uncloak and follow, instead of
staying cloaked, which they do now. 

I wanna add a "twink" mode. Have the bots act like a
regular twink. Someone who horks other people's kills
and then does anything to stay alive. It'd be funny as