> > (setq c-default-style "bsd"
> >      c-basic-offset 4)
> Thanks for that info Jimmy. So in Emacs this will
> make the cursor move
> 4 spaces if you hit the TAB key right?

With the above, yeah that's right! 

You gotta change the .emacs file to whatever
indentation you are using. Put it in your home

The .emacs file I sent, was at 3 spaces... 

There's a bunch more settings in the attached .emacs
file to convert everything to spaces. The reason
being, is that emacs will actually use a combination
of tabs and spaces. 

It looks good on emacs and with tabs and spaces, but
some programs like "more" will assume TAB means 4
spaces instead of 5, and then everything looks

But when you use, "less" everything looks okay again,
pretty bizzare. 

Took me a long while to get this .emacs file settings
to work right, cuz I kept trying to change my settings
in a file called .emacsrc which is wrong!!!