I agree it should have been documented. 

Before it used to be:

./configure --prefix==/tmp/netrek
make install

Now it is:

sh autogen.sh
./configure --prefix==/tmp/netrek
make install

You have to type make twice, as ranlib doesn't work
the way it should, but it clears up the 2nd time you

Also, you need a whole bunch of other software
packages that you didn't used to need. Figure out what
they are as when autogen crashes. I forgot what they
were (i should have written down what I did). 


--- Zach <netrek at gmail.com> wrote:

> Vanilla/configure script is also missing now. what
> is going on?
> the old way worked for all these years why is
> someone drastically
> altering the build/configure process??!
> At least document in INSTALL how to build it now. I
> only found out
> about tests/build script from  being in #netrek
> channel. If this was
> replaced also by a new way to build why is it not
> documented in the
> distribution? This really MUST be documented and put
> INSIDE the
> Vanilla source tree PLEASE.
> zach
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