On Wed, 31 May 2006, William Balcerski wrote:

> I've run into a problem with this patch.  For observers, p_status is not
> being sent correctly.  Before patch, they always get status sent as
> PALIVE.  With patch, status changes to PEXPLODE upon locking onto a
> ship who is in combat, and it never changes back.  I noticed this
> when trying to look at observer tractors..they weren't displaying, and it
> was because observer thought he was dead (p_status == PEXPLODE) so they
> weren't drawing.
> Bill

I'm not sure what exactly you are saying here.  Is it the status of the
observer's ship, or of the ship the observer is observing?  Or the observer's
idea of the status of other observers?

Say I have an observer 'g', who is watching player '1', and there is another
observer 'h' and another player '2'.

Which client has the wrong status, and which player does it have the wrong
status for?

g's client thinks g is PEXPLODE?
g's client thinks 1 is PEXPLODE?
1's client thinks g is PEXPLODE?
g's client thinks h is PEXPLODE?