Wauw, i had expected some reaction, but am pleased to read your emails.

> From: akb+lists.netrek-dev at mirror.to (Andrew K. Bressen)
> The machine is a G3 ibook running OS X Panther (10.3.9).
> What do I try next?

Upgrade to tiger i fear. I will try to find out the differences and  
see if they can be detected
/circumvented. But the splash screen is Quartz, which is 10.4+ only.

> (also, when I mounted the .dmg, the finder window with the package
> files in it opened halfway off the right side of the screen; I have no
> idea if window position comes from the package or if it was just the
> finder doing something random...)

uh uh, minor drawback of a 23" screen, next time when i make the  
package, i'll position the
window upper left before saving (i think packagemaker stores the  
window position)

> OK, it says:
> dyld: /Applications/MacTrek.app/Contents/MacOS/MacTrek can't open  
> library: /System/Library/Frameworks/Quartz.framework/Versions/A/ 
> Quartz  (No such file or directory, errno = 2)

Yep, that would be the Quartz Application library,  you'll need tiger  
for that. I'm not sure if sending you the Quarz lib would help.  
(probably not)

> And, indeed, while the system has a Frameworks/QuartzCore.framework,

That is at system level (graphic card) MacTrek does not make that  
extensive use of 10.4 functions, so in theory maybe i can strip some  
functions of and create a 10.3 client too.

> What next?

Drop me a private mail and let's see what i can do

> I've finally had a chance to test it!
> Stunning work. I'll update netrek.org tomorrow. We'll need to get you
> an RSA key.

I'll have to figure out how to include the generated files from the  
netrek rsa package
into the Xcode source tree.

> Is the source on the website somewhere?

I'd prefer to clean it up a bit before releasing it, but if you are  
in need drop me a email :-)

> Awesome ... can we have more screenshots?

Sure, anyone can press "\" in game and find the screenshot on the  
desktop, however my
current netrek rating does not make nice screen shots (but does make  
nice explosions)

> Yeah this client looks cool. I wish there was way to compile it for
> Linux! Is there any way to get the code working in Linux?

Well it rests on top of Cocoa (Mac OS X), which means that many  
functions are specific to that framework,
but Cocoa is based on nextstep which is now openstep. The gnu  
compiler supports it, it is just that apple
added many many things to Cocoa which may or may not be in openstep.  
Most notably the Aqua server
which is ... well neutrally put..  different from X11. I think it  
will be a very large port action and the code
was my first large Objective-C project, so not really that clean.

The ideas to learn would be
- seperation of drawing and communication.
- menu structure seperate from game screen
- flexibility only for expert users, (currently only in source code)
- must run out of the box
- scroll function (though this leads to a projection of the gamegrid  
to the display that is variable.)

I believe that it is quicker to create a KDE or Qt application, embed  
the communication from COW in a
thread and use signals and threads to implement the above on gui level.

> There's a whole series on the website. The planetary graphics use the
> new graphics that we had done, the ship selection screen is really
> nice an intuitive, and a big departure from cow's.

Thanks, i'm trying to get it on the apple downloads site, which means  
many newbie users, it should be
as visual as possible. Anyway my wife managed to login and fire a  
torp, which made it ready for release i guess.

Thanks for the positive feedback!