> > The second issue is that when I am sending gamestats to the stat archive
> > at www.netrek.org/stats/, it is not creating a new folder for my server,
> > even though I debugged the script to make sure that servername was being
> > defined properly.  The game stats are being dumped into the unknown
> > folder.  I believe the problem is in the script on the other
> > end (i.e. not on my end), so I 'll need someone like Dave Ahn to
> > look into this one if he could :).
> It took you 45 game stats to figure this out?  :-P
> The stats archive is for servers open to the public for clue games.  If
> your clue server is for this purpose, reply to this list with the
> server's FQDN (as you have it set in the script), and I'll set up a
> dedicated folder for it.
Hey it was only 15 attempts!  There were lots of broken things, had to do
some trial and error to finally get to the source.  In short, the end
tourney and auto archiver scripts, as well as the inl source file, were
written when all relevant files (inl executable, scripts, player database,
etc) were all in one directory.  They have since diverged into 2 different
directories, breaking cambot timestamping, preventing cambot files from
being automailed to stats archive, and preventing game stats from being
processed.  I fixed the cambot part, still working on the stats thing.
It's a mess.  Maybe someone else could help who actually wrote the thing,
if they are still around.

As for the server, yes it's public, I don't use net:domain since those
don't match the servername, instead I use:
my $servername  = 'netrek.warped.us';

Ports are 4566/4577 for player, and 4000/5001 for observer.  Oh and the
first clue game is scheduled for tomorrow at 6pm PST/9pm EST.