> I tried to fire up the netrek xp mod client yesterday,
> since I was at a windows box and I hadn't seen it yet.
I would use XP 2006, XP mod is no longer being updated.  Of course I'm
biased on this issue.

> Problem:
> the windows box I was using had a two-button mouse,
> with no way to generate a middle click. (no, pressing
> both buttons at once didn't do it, nor any combination of
> buttons + ctrl, alt, shift, windows, and startmenu keys).
> Can there be a way to turn that thing off, either a close
> button to click on, or having it also close via a shift-click?
>   --akb
What John said about editing netrekrc is the best way.  The other way is
to open your options menu (shift-o), and then navigate to page 4, the info
menu.  Then click on the option for "Show hints window".  This will
disable hints window for your current session only, though.  Adding
shift-right click close functionality might be something I add, there are
a bunch of windows that should all be able to be closed in an easy
fashion..hint window, help window, ping window.  Shift-right click is
probably the way I will go, since I often hear complaints from people
without middle mouse buttons.