> "Metaserver Restrictions
> A restriction has been placed on the
> metaserver.us.netrek.org that will
> avoid listing spare servers until the preferred
> server has at least 12
> players.

Well, this explains why the meta-server always
displays such a short list of netrek servers.  I'm
sure there are more out there, and they should all be
represented and listed on the meta-server. Whatever
server is "alive" should be listed. Period. 

> At the moment, the spare servers are
> netrek.warped.us, netrek.hwy.com.au
> and netrek.pulsar-zone.net, and the preferred server
> is
> continuum.us.netrek.org."

I get bad lag on continuum. warped is much better
actually. :-P
Servers that should be de-listed from the meta-server
are those that are "cheating." The meta-server lists
the number of real players on a server. Robots don't
count. Servers that in-fract on this rule should be
de-listed until they are fixed. 

As far as I can tell Bill's server hasn't been doing

Sturgeon is popular now! Let's face it! 

Of course people go where the game is at. But if the
server isn't even listed, of course, people won't go. 

If what Niclas says is true, then naturally, people
will go back to the bronco servers once they get bored
of Sturgeon. Nothing needs to be done. Saving netrek?
It's a game, it doesn't need to be saved. 

Me? Well, I just got married in May 2006 and have been
mad busy. You probably won't see me for a couple more
years ;-P.