> I've noticed that when the mac clients exit, they always generate
> a ghostbusted message.

I'm not supprised, it simply terminates the socket. There is a fix in  
that allows you to press Q in game and it will send a CP_QUIT. the  
results are
different per server. Some put on the self destruct sequence, some  
simply close
the connection.
Please also log it as bug as it will still occur when someone  
disconnects from the
outfit page. And when command-Q is pressed which kills the  
application. I can try
to gracefully quit there too.

> Also, tonight on continuum, I saw some incorrect stat behavior
> that might be mac client related, although I wouldn't think so.
> A mac user (ie, blank hog call answer) was playing as username

Yep, sounds like MacTrek. next release will answer correctly.

> "prey". Rank ensign. I'm pretty sure it was a first time user; didn't

suitable name then :-) Though i spent too much time watching the  
to be any serious oponent myself :-(



P.S.  I've reached a state where RSA is more or less in the code, and  
like to check it on some servers. Shall i post the generated  
MacTrek_Key file
here ?

P.P.S  There is also the issue of which features are regarded as  
"enhancement" and
which may be regarded as "borg" the matter is rather subjective, but  
i prefer the debate
before releaseing the RSA version :-) and have no problem with  
removing some
functionality that may not be available in other clients like COW or XP.
  e.g showing the army count in numbers  on the galactic?