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[document getpath
quozl at**20060901063830
 	* getpath.c: explain how it works.
> {
hunk ./Vanilla/ntserv/getpath.c 14
 #include "struct.h"
 #include "data.h"
+getpath() initialises all the file name global variables, by
+concatenating one or more directory names and a file name to make a
+relative path to a file.
+The file name global variables are in data.c and data.h, but are not
+initialised there.  They are to be CamelCase.
+The file name macros are in defs.h.  They are to begin with N_.
+When adding a new file, you must edit each of data.c, data.h, and defs.h.
+When using a file from other code, you must include "data.h", and your
+main() must call getpath().
 void getpath()
 #define MAXPATH 256
hunk ./Vanilla/ntserv/getpath.c 37
    char libdir[MAXPATH], sysconfdir[MAXPATH], localstatedir[MAXPATH];
+   /* define the directory names */
    snprintf(libdir, MAXPATH-1, "%s", LIBDIR);
    snprintf(sysconfdir, MAXPATH-1, "%s", SYSCONFDIR);
    snprintf(localstatedir, MAXPATH-1, "%s", LOCALSTATEDIR);
hunk ./Vanilla/ntserv/getpath.c 42
+   /* define the file names */


[fix army rescue on observ ghostbust, review
quozl at**20060830112930
 	* daemonII.c: review of prior change, found a path that could lead to
 	  army rescue due to status change.  Fixed.
[fix army rescue on observ ghostbust
quozl at**20060830105148
 	* daemonII.c: avoid rescuing armies for observers.
[Addendum to multi install instructions
williamb at**20060828182740
            * INSTALL: forgot to mention to rerun configure
 M ./Vanilla/INSTALL -1 +2
[TAG 2006-08-29
quozl at**20060829011619] 
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