Ok, I have Vanilla compiled on NETBSD, however there is 1 slight problem
that I'd like to correct, but don't know how.  The configure program has
a problem locating gdbm.  Relevant lines from configure printout:
checking gdbm.h usability... no
checking gdbm.h presence... no
checking for gdbm.h... no
checking for gdbm_open in -lgdbm... no

I then need to make the following changes in order to get Vanilla to
hunk ./Vanilla/ntserv/Makefile.in 73
+LIBS = $(RSA_LIB) $(EXTRALIBS) -L/usr/pkg/lib
hunk ./Vanilla/ntserv/Makefile.in 75
-INCS = $(RSA_INCS) $(EXTRAINCS) -I../include
+INCS = $(RSA_INCS) $(EXTRAINCS) -I../include -I/usr/pkg/include
hunk ./Vanilla/ntserv/db.c 14
-#include <gdbm.h>
+#include </usr/pkg/include/gdbm.h>

Does anyone have any idea why the configure script is not finding the
gdbm.h header file in /usr/pkg/include?  Thanks.