netrek-server-vanilla 2.11.2 was released.
2e5652b9dc9f9de707c5589d1eacd15a  netrek-server-vanilla-2.11.2.tar.gz

Packages for i386 Debian Etch also present.

Summary of changes: (from "darcs changes")
- fix robotd to allow debugging using SIGINT
- remove unnecessary delay in conquer test
- fix tests to use shell path
- fix xtkill exit status
- fix robots to obey GU_GAMEOK termination
- add path tools
- Fix for long names with scores tools
- Add README.ban
- Sysdef option for admin password
- Perm banned doc fix
- Sysdef option for noconnect for perm bans
- Fixes for observer muting
- Sysdef option for preT idling
- fix ghostbust no ping alive response
- document getpath
- fix army rescue on observ ghostbust
- Addendum to multi install instructions
- Robot server spam reduction
- Install directions on running multiple servers
- Pret enhancements part1 - cleanup, debug
- Newbie enhancements part1 - cleanup, debug
- Basepractice unused variable removed
- fix attempt for pret hang on bsd
- fix bsd socket include
- fix signal build errors on bsd
- remove old policy, add libnetrek and sysdef hints
- Merlin responds to help
- Move newbie slot control to sysdef
- Sysdefault instructions correction
- Increase newbie slots from 8 to 16
- Ingame admin tool fixes
- Pret queue renumbering
- Standardize planet locs for basepractice
- add setgame wait-for-terminate command
- disable ban pre-queue for observers
- remove ban vote expiry by login, add ban queue
- adopt sigpipe implementation for ntserv
- fix fix use of unsafe functions in signal handler, robots
- add sigpipe implementation
- Fix so basepractice bots don't get ip blocked by duplicate sysdef option
- fix use of unsafe functions in signal handler, daemon, basep
- Basepractice server improvements
- Addition of missing options to sample sysdef
- Adding vote tag to voting command structure
- Remove ability to vote if VOTING=0
- Dogfight map file fix
- Ban vote duration in sample sysdef
- Improved tracking of server modes
- Newbie server documentation update2
- comindico whitelist removal, quozl specific
- noted new bug, signal handler calls unsafe functions
- initial design of checkpointing
- add ban tools
- add ban vote duration
- add live daemon release target
- fix test to correctly reproduce parade ring overlap
- fix for conquer parade alignment, alternate
- add test for conquer parade slot alignment bug
- add planet orbit and take test scripts
- Semi-critical update fix
- Show geno messages for observers
- Formatting fix for if statement in interface.c
- Command file for PreT robots
- adjust test scripts for xtkill changes
- Xtkill settable kills
- Xtkill bug fixes
- robotd-carriage-return-added-to-death-messages.dpatch
- freebsd compilation fix, missing header
- avoid lies to metaserver due pre-t robots
- further-fixes-to-war-decs.dpatch
- continuum ghostbust diagnostics
- untabify daemon main
- newbie robots war declarations test
- Newbie robots now declare war properly in pickup games
- continuum ban vote tweaks 2006-06
- xtkill ship change fixes
- newbie-observer-ports.dpatch
- Chaos mode starbase enhancements
- Twarp message fix
- ATT and invalid ship fixes
- null-terminate-mapchars-indentfix
- null-terminate-mapchars
- robotd-improved-army-tracking.dpatch
- Cross-transwarp check
- post 2.11.1 release process notes
- include config.guess in make dist
- include config.sub in make dist

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