> That's great. I'm curious as to precisely how you determined a given
> player was using a borg in your judgement?

he killed me? no wait, that did not require great effort :-) it is  
that just struck me odd, phasers that never miss, shields raising  
before torps hit, so i asked the player and he confirmed it.

> On Fri, Mar 30, 2007 at 04:27:18PM +0200, Narcis wrote:
>> I noticed continium has RSA re-enabled, [...]
> Not so.  Configuration file etc/sysdef last change was on 14th March.
> How are you determining that continuum has RSA enabled?

I usually get a tcpwrite error right after sending a RSA response,  
none of
the other servers do that, but in light of your post i'll dig into  
it, i did notice the
usual "you need a spiffy new client"  statement did not appear.

>> but not with MacTrek keys.
> I'm happy to add these keys to continuum if someone can tell me how.
> I've not made the time to understand how to have locally accepted keys
> in addition to the metaserver supplied keylist.

i've added them to the var/rsa-keylist and ran ./rsa_keycomp ../var/ 
not sure how that works with the meta server, maybe it is better to  
add them



P.S. MacTrek does not do Paradise, but does do War Declarations now