=- James Quick wrote on Sun  1.Apr'07 at 14:54:08 +1000 -=

> > Wait!
> > The default RCDs are way too cryptic for newbies!
> Fix them.

Well, ... I'll see what I can do with Paradise/TT when I know what
Dave's plan about the repository is. I heard he's done error
correction recently, but I don't know where this lastest code
ended up.

> > At least I remember when I saw them the 1st time: I had _no idea_
> > what ++ or "ogg" means.
> ++ means "Saw ship beam up armies".
> ogg means "Give them a new ship", or "Send them back home", but
> could be localised into "Kill."

I know that _now_... those were just the most prominent examples,
other RCD might need rework, too.

> > And the info alone doesn't help either, an additional clue as to
> > what would be a good reaction would help, too!
> Yes, fix that too please.
> ++ means "Enemy ship is threatening our planets by picking up
> armies, kill them, you get more credit for armies in flight."
> Then a checkbox to enable abbreviated RCD output, and a
> mouse-over tooltip/hint that explains what "++" and "ogg" mean.

Ehh ... ooookkkk. ;)
Though I wonder wether we need abbreviated RCDs.
Once people understand what RCD means, they may customize it to
whatever they want.
I don't see the need to create an extra jargon for netrek.
Some things like "ogg" have historic reasons, but for newbs (which
naturally don't have that history) they mean an extra hurdle to
enjoy the game.

> Here's an additional suggestion ...
> "F0 (Psychosis) wants to be your buddy, do you wish to add them
> to your buddy list? This will let them talk without using Netrek
> Code (RCD). Warning: you may be offended."

I like the idea of :ita as default for all players, and then
inform the player how to un-mute selected people.
Is this a server- or client-side feature, or (probably both) which
would be better?

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