=- James Quick wrote on Sun  1.Apr'07 at 15:02:38 +1000 -=

> At the moment, I'm afraid I have to treat most of this as just
> noise, until it is clear there is representation.

Then the questions are:
- where from should a representation come from?
- how willing are owners to sumbit their resources to decisions
made by some representation, potentially against their own conviction?

(if we somehow succeeded in producing a "well" accepted/ supported
body among the currently active speakers/ interested but currently
silent crowd).

(whatever "well" "accepted/ supported" may mean?)

Before we get lost in definitions and recursive meta-instances of
preparation decisions, I propose a system and we adjust it until
we're happy, then we ask the owners if they'll roll with it.
If they do, fine, otherwise find replacement for those who revoke
their resources.

General idea: have some well known order of things, who's in charge.
When things are clearer, hopefully decisions will be, too, and
also faster to see changes faster so they can be tried out rather
than be theorized about (some things work out better than feared).

Have a body per game-style:
- Bronco, Paradise, Hockey, Chaos (== Sturgeon?), ...

Each body consists of uneven members (to reduce draw decisions):
- 3 or 5, depending on player base/ interest, like 3 for Paradise
(if we have that many total ;) and 5 for Bronco.

Have 1 (meta-)protocol for all bodies to produce decisions:
- deadlines, success conditions, discussion place (mail, news, web

Have 1 (meta-)protocol for all bodies to replace its members:
- membership period, how one / who becomes member (election polls,
invitation by remaining members or installed by meta-body).

When changes are agreed on, then they are incorprated in a published
standard for the game type and produce new binaries immediately:
- with a (perhaps new, or maybe old) blessing system either the
body itself produces or delegates production of blessed binaries.
- bessings are granted per type, so if a client complies with
Paradise but not Bronco, it shall not be allowed to join Broncos.

Maybe have the current owners act as initial meta-body to install
the initial members for each body (because I can't think of a fair
boot strap voting system).

That is for "official netrek" servers. Every game-server admin is
free to ignore the blessing procedure/ official crap as he wishes
and let anyone join (as it's possible now, too), but we should
have at least 1 reference "offical" server per type up.

Fairness comes through support+control, which comes through
understanding, which comes through access to knowledge, which must
exist and be openly available to all. (sorry Trent)

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