=- John R. Dennison wrote on Sun  1.Apr'07 at 12:26:22 -0500 -=

> It's a team game. Blocking team messages is good for the player
> and team exactly how?

As James explained, newbies are more threatened to leave the game
by abusive people rather than failing at or missing team-speak.

As mentioned, newbies should get big flashy clues that they are in
abuse-protection mode and that the game relies heavily on
team-talk and that they are urgently advised to get used to morons
and ignore them and finally enjoy the game with the "right"
people and how to enable team-talk again.
(I'm sorry for the lot of "and"s)

Together with the new default RCD message this could actually lead
to more/ quicker team-speak usage by newbies.

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Good one. :)

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