=- James Quick wrote on Mon  2.Apr'07 at  9:03:22 +1000 -=

> > Then the questions are:
> > - where from should a representation come from?
> Earth, Netrek players.
> > - how willing are owners to sumbit their resources to decisions
> > made by some representation, potentially against their own conviction?
> We already do. I see it as an incremental change. At the moment
> the most noisy and well defined problems get solved, in the way
> that the noisiest and most well understood people want. After I
> think I've solved a problem, more noise appears.

Then I might be misunderstanding you again, this time what this
"representation" is.

I'd expect from such an institution to clearly define official
standards and enforce them on all officially supported clients.
I.e. reduce the noise by borg-resistance.
If it's official, then it's not cheating, and every client is
encouraged to support it and every player to use clients which
support it.

Where/ who is _this_ representation of netrek?

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