Just in time for Cheese Weasel Day, and thanks to the more than
wonderful assistance of Quozl and help from jrd and Jerub and an irc
cast of, well, several, I am pleased as punch to announce the debut of
the resurrected and improved Netrek Nexus, now available for your
browsing pleasure at:


Feel encouraged to spell check, link check, see if those fiddly
section nav bits on the nav bar work, and send other suggestions
and corrections to me.

The site is in darcs for folks who want to do stuff to it.
Repo address is the server address.

If you need to update set_my_root.php to do development work
on your own machine, please ask for help if you are not absolutely 
sure you know what you are doing. 

Additional kudos of course go to Dave Ahn, ShadowHunter (the original
site architect and coder), and all the content authors past and present...