On 4/2/07, Karthik Arumugham <karthik at karthik.com> wrote:
> A well-done interactive newbie tutorial would do FAR, FAR more for
> the game than changing basic features that make the game slightly
> easier at the expense of removing key elements of skill AND strategy.
> Many people forget that what seems like simple skill in fact leads
> into strategic play.

Teaching newbies proper detting is fine but I still see a lot of
newbies who have a very hard time figuring out:

* who is the enemy (the classic shooting at their own teammates)
* how to send messages to ALL and team boards
* that you need kills to take (how to beam up/down armies)
* what t mode is and what it means if there is no t mode and you are
trying certain things
* how to twarp to a base
* how to change their keymap/buttonmap
* making their own macros

This may seem trivial but it could be the obstacle that cause some to
give up in despair.
All of these issues could be addressed on client side without a ton of
work probably.

I've also been championing an interactive newbie tutorial for years,
this could have a real immediate impact on new player turnoff I think.