Quoting Narcis <narcis at luky.nl>:

> Karthik has added the 1.2 development key to pickeled and it works
> like a charm. I've mailed the key to the list and Carlos several
> times, so i hope it will make it to all servers in due time, but
> there seems little more i can do from this end.

I added it when you first sent it.  Are the servers running their key
update processes?

[my machine] ~ $ telnet clientkeys.netrek.org 3530

<key spew>
key.mactrek-1.2.0.macosx:ct=MacTrek 1.2.0:cr=info at luky.nl:\
   :cd=March 2007:ar=Mac OS X (x86/PPC Universal):\
<key spew>

Yup, it's there.

--Carlos V.