I'm looking to add a new RSA key to wherever is the central darcs
repository for the metaserver is, but I'm not sure where it is exactly.
Tried pulling metaserver.us.netrek.org but it doesn't have any patches
newer than 2006.  Quozl's metaserver repo has more recent patches but it
doesn't have the Mactrek key in it.  With my previous key I just added it
to the rsa_keys file via sourceforge CVS, I figured I'd just do the
And then I'd just ask the metaserver owners to darcs pull and (I think)
that will be all that is needed, as the server client keys should then
pull in the new key once metaservers are restarted.  But yea, to the
point, which repository should I submit the key to, and shouldn't the
Mactrek key be there as well?