=- James Turner-Crowe wrote on Fri  6.Apr'07 at 22:49:52 +0000 -=

> I was just wondering if anyone remembers me? im the guy who
> started going on about making a new server with a bundle of new
> features on it.

Of course I remember you, but do you remember me!!!???

I told you several times to look at the Paradise server.
(I guess you don't read each thread ;)

Get the Paradise server code, start the server, get the Paradise
client code, start the client, connect, try.

> It's taken me until now to start talking and I have no idea why.
> prehaps just a bit shy :)

Hum, have I been dreaming, I've seen posting of you before this?!
Just not in response to my questions to you about Paradise. :(

> i must warn anyone who hasnt seen it, the bundle of new features
> i thought up are put in a pretty huge Notepad Document. I'll
> post it if you want??

No, don't, Joe has forwarded them already.
Please give me/ us feedback about your Paradise experience, how
much it fits your ideas.

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