> There is a single point of access for discussion, it's the IRC channel
> Quozl mentioned.  Every active developer (except the mactrek guy)  
> uses it.
> And he would have benefitted from hanging out there (RSA fiasco  
> anyone?
> :P).

Actually he did several times, but when he is awake, you are deep  
hence he loves the mailing list :-) and benefits most from other people
reading his code, like Karthik did.

> One of the devs (Narcis) does Mac client only - he works alone, no one
> else is up to speed on Mac development.

Unfortunately, i'd love a hand and an extra pair of eyes now and  
then :-)

> I would be thrilled to have another Windows developer.  Will
> it be you? ;)

probably not :-) who is managing COW btw? i am gaining experience in
wrapping C-code and might be able to create a native (non-X Windows)