This is, to my knowledge, already the case as the Windows clients wouldn't
exist without such a separation.  If it needs to be cleaned up due to there
being nasty #ifdefs, we should do that as part of any restructuring done
moving forward.  I am currently converting the NetrekXP code to C#, and part
of this process will (eventually) be proper separation of concerns where
such separation is broken.  There is a version of Mono for the Mac
( if you decide to use any code changes
I make directly.  I'd be happy to discuss any issues you have specifically
relating to GUI separation as well.

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Just a thought, but how difficult would it be to separate the COW  
core code from the GUI code? maybe by wrapping it in  kind of wrapper  
class / C-file. Windows, XBox, Mac clients could simply write a  
subclass/delegate/wrapper for their platform but benefit from the  
changes in the core.



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