I have created an SVN source tree (don't complain to me about the source
control type, I know and like SVN, don't know darcs yet and don't like CVS)
for the C# version of the Windows client at svn://redhorizon.info.  You can
acquire read-only access using the anonymous login, no password.  This
client is to be a ground up rewrite based on a snapshot of the Netrek XP
2006 code (I decided after reviewing the existing client codebase that it
would be too much trouble to do a straight port.)  Current activity is
centered around the packet/networking code and the base UI layer.  The goals
of the project are:

1. Compatibility with current Netrek client functionality and existing
servers, as supported by Netrek XP 2006.
2. Improvements in UI usability, consistency with Windows UI standards.
3. Well-organized and easily maintainable and extensible code.

I know essentially no one else on the list is doing C# development, but if
you care to take a gander, make observations and constructive comments, I
would certainly welcome them.

- Cliff