On Mon, Apr 09, 2007 at 07:22:06PM -0700, ChronosWS wrote:
> That is true.  However, the copyright holders will be required to go after
> ALL infringing derivative works if they decided to come after me in this
> case, as copyright is only upheld (in the US) if it is equally enforced
> (patents, on the other hand, may be selectively enforced.)

This attitude, if truly held, is heavily frowned upon. I frown upon
it. It is disrespectful.

> Further, the
> code I am writing is substantially different in architecture.  What may be
> similar could be some of the algorithms used but which I have not had a
> chance to evaluate.

In the end, you will not be able to provide any sort of guarantee that
100% of the code was uniquely inspired. Therefore, you cannot
guarantee that ANY of the code was uniquely inspired.

> I consider the license of this code to be of little importance to me as no
> one has ever gained profit from it, shown interest in doing so, or made
> plans to do so.  When there is no money involved, there is little incentive
> for people to throw a fit.

It is not for you to consider.

> The worst that could happen is that someone
> forces me to change the license to the GPL.

No. The worst that can happen is that people accept your way of thinking,
and even the GPL cannot be enforced.

> Makes no difference to me.

It should.

> The
> only reason I am not GPL-ing it is because GPL is too restrictive - there
> may be bits of my code which someone DOES find commercially viable, and they
> will be welcome to use it and modify it, as long as I don't have to give up
> my license to my own code in the process.

If you care about licensing to the point of declaring one license more
restrictive than another, you should also care about the implications of
deriving your work from somebody else's work, with no clean-room strategies
in place, and then stamping your own license on the result.

I would prefer if you took the noble route. Do a true clean-room
implementation. Ensure that the protocol is fully documented - and
design your implementation from this documentation. This is the sort
of contribution that would be highly respected, and valuable. Instead,
it appears that you are cutting corners, and in the process, ignoring
ethics and evading legality.


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