> * Allow status display (fuel, hull, shields) to be abstracted from  
> the main
>   client window such that it can be 1) a seperate window 2) a  
> Windows system
>   tray icon which would have 3 color coded lines or integrate this
>   functionality into the Windows title bar of the netrek  
> application if
>   the user hasn't disabled it. This could allow for very nice large  
> readouts.

Or use widget/gadget/growl javascripting to achieve this.  
(alternative would be
to make the windows client a fullscreen app, as we are basically  
talking about optimizing
screen layout and available pixels.)
> * Abstract the phaser damage message window into a status meter.
>   - red for crippling phaser inflicted
>   - yellow for medium damage inflicted
>   - green for light damage inflicted

But where to display? showing it as a symbol next to the target?  
briefly change the
color of the targets shields? it does seem a little close to infoborg  
stuff, but i personally
like it.
> * Provide easy intuitive way to record a game via GUI:
>   - allow conversion into a standard video format such as AVI or MPEG

MacTrek has  a screenshot key, i've been thinking of a recorder that  
creates mov (hehe)
files of the game window automatically upon keypress. but have not  
figured it out quite yet.
seems like a usefull feature. initial hacks are shown in the MacTrek  
teaser movies, framerate is
still an issue.

> * Add voice communication such as TeamSpeak or IBM's TTS which is  
> now open
>   sourced.

I like teamspeak, but how would you integrate the server? as part of  
the netrek server? this can easily choke
the bandwith, and UDP is not reliable, thus the more you send the  
bigger the chance you miss some
updates that you would like to receive, hence QoS would quickly  
become an issue.

> * Add GUI for configuring the buttonmap and keymap.
> * Allow RCDs and macros to be mapped to function keys such as:
>   F2 for quit, F3 for announcing you carry armies, F4 for base ogg  
> macro

There is actually  a client out there that does that :-)
> * Add dogfight tactical mode which could be toggled on/off by 1  
> button, in
>   this mode the tactical screen would be greatly magnified as well  
> as the
>   ship graphics, this could allow for very richly detailed modern  
> ships
>   (could even use 3D models with textures applied and other OpenGL  
> effects)
>   and very exciting dogfigts.

MacTrek has a scaleable zoom (mouse wheel) which sort of does that,  
but i see
more "excitement" in switching to isometric or 3D view for dogfights.  
(butt torping
would become more difficult though :-)
> * Add alternate fire for phaser and torp. Some possible choices:
>   o Alternate fire torp produces two parallel torp streams: | |
>     each group of torps would be located on the far left and far right
>     area of the ship respectively
>   o Alternate fire phaser produces a rapid burst in quick  
> succession of
>     varying phaser strength such as short-long or long-short

Very nice idea, sort of full spread thingy.

> * Have metaserver be minimizable to the system tray:
>   - Play a sound when t mode is reached on a defined list of server(s)
>   - Mousing over the system tray icon will show:
>     o green (t in progress)
>     o yellow (t minus 1 to t minus 4)
>     o red (4 players or less)

again, widget/gadget seems more suitable for this task

> Zach

great ideas Zach!