James Cameron <quozl at us.netrek.org> writes:
> Zach, please try previous versions now that you have upgraded your
> Linux.  I think it was a problem with your Linux.  The prior versions
> worked fine for me.

I played both RC4 and RC5 when they were current and they worked
just fine. 

One caveat: My desktop machine has eaten itself
and I'm using a spare box I hacked together which has no sound
configured; p2k segfaults out. I think it will die if the machine
has no sound configured; I'm not sure if it needs the dev files
to exist, OSS architecture present, or a configured driver. It might
not be sound at all; that's just my suspicion. If I do a kernel with sound
and a device driver while I'm still using this machine, then I'll check 
to see if that fixes things.