I've done some work toward 50 frames per second simulation, to get the
apparent motion of objects on screen up to something more "modern".

This work now includes:

- torpedo movement,
- plasma movement,
- ship movement.

It looks nice and smooth.  Even smoother if you turn off short packets
... most obvious when a docked ship is on screen.

Reviewers wanted, to test it out, and to understand the changes from a
technical standpoint.  Have a look in my darcs repository.


Things yet to be improved upon:

- explosion animation needs to slow down to the original five frames per
  second, or additional animation frames need to be made for the client,

- cloak animation, as above,

- torpedo explosions, as above,

- tractor induced movement is currently at ten updates per second, which
  while technically "incorrect" has the same effect as it always did,
  and gives a slight jitter consistent with shaking.

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