Hoi Chris,

Very nice screenshots: http://mactrek.sourceforge.net/Downloads.html

I was wondering if you could put up a couple higher resolution ones?

Does MacTrek follow standard netrekrc/xtrekrc type of config file?

Is MacTrek licensed under the GPL? Do you plan on making the source
code public someday?

I'm curious what program you used to create the ship, planet and
weapon graphics? Is it an FOSS one?

Those really nice graphics on the Logging In, Main Menu, Splash
Screen, and Welcome page of the website, are those stock images or did
you create those yourself?

Did you write the client from scratch or base it off an existing client?

The client code follows an objected oriented framework yes?

Objective C is that very different than ANSI C or is it standard C
with some extra libraries or is it closer to C++/C#?

Any plans to port to SDL so Linux and Windows users can play with it
someday? ;-)

Read your Donation page that is cool, sounds like the micro-loans the
dude that won the Nobel Prize this year started up: