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> On Wed, May 30, 2007 at 08:41:19PM +0200, Rado S wrote:
> > since a generic addressing failed in the past,
> When?  Cite reference.  Give link to archive.

When we talked about "governor", "director", "ruler" or whatever
labels came to mind and I said I'd prefer "director".
I've listed the "director" description before and with that the call
for volunteers to act as such or support them.

> > I hope a more personal approach gets more attention from you.
> By putting us in the subject line? I doubt you know how to engage
> people's interest.

Obviously I don't for those specific persons.
Enlighten me, please, because that's the reason why this all happened:
to learn about their interest.

> > If by 2 weeks no response arrives, we need to find a replacement
> > for that resource.
> Fascinating. You would try to force our hand by setting a date and
> claiming you will replace us. Thanks for the vote of confidence in
> our services. I'm not encouraged. I take this as an attack.

Well... I'm sorry that _you_ do, because you already gave some
responses before, therefore I _might_ have spared you in this eMail
with that expiration time for all the others who have _not yet_
responded. But I thought to have an equal status for and from all
addressed it would be better to ask you the exact same questions,
which you've already answered more or less before, this time
condensed and filtered to the core, less ambiguities.

I'm not trying to force anyone, as others have pointed out I
technically even can't.
 All I did was ask you (all of you) to explain yourself with regard
to exercisizing your power or to support representatives on behalf
of you for the described goals and framework, replacement only for
resources needed for those planned goals and framework.

You don't have to, I try to find others then who think alike.
(Re-)use existing infra-structure for this plan would be nice, but
is no requirement for it to succeed, only within that plan this is
the replacement.

So I forgot to exempt you from the dead line ("unavailable" for this
plan, not interested). I'm sorry for adressing that explicitely.
 I am/ was satisfied with your response time (that's why I hoped
you'd accept a director position, too) and with most of your
reponses (except that you declined the position), but I wasn't with
those of the others, I'm not confident there (no responses at all?!).

Disclaimer: not because I disrespect all their contributions of the
past -- I _AM_ very thankful for each and all of it(!) -- but
because they can't (or don't want to) serve the community in the way
I see required for progress in the future (with the necessary
changes!), probably meaning that we'll stay stuck where we are now.

> > I'd like to have facts and preparations done before vacation
> > begins
> What vacation is this?

Ah sorry, big summer vacation (1-3months) in the northern hemisphere.
Damn, as if timezones aren't slowing things down already.
Let's have a smaller flat earth again. :(

> > - Is this list of resources run for netrek with their owners
> > correct and complete?
> No.
> You should review the list of resources on the Wiki.

Ah, but not all "owners" are listed.

------ QUOTE BEGIN ------
The list is here so that: {...}
people in charge of things remember that they are there.
------- QUOTE END -------

Cool, who are those "people in charge"?
In charge of what?
Do we already have "directors" (+ "agents"), just not explicitely
listed by this roles (and maybe not filling the role in all aspects)?

> Please define "owner". Is that someone who pays the bills,
> provides the hosting, provides the bandwidth, purchases the
> equipment, or controls the policy thereof?

Owner == has absolute/ final technical admin control over the
machine hosting a trek relevant service, including policies and what
else is needed for/ attached to trek.

Bills maybe paid by others and therefore owner has to ask for
approval from authority above for major changes to the system, but
generally owner decides independently what happens on the machine
hosting that service.

There might be "agents" to run the service hosted on behalf the
owner, but the "owner" has the final word for the host + service.

"director" defines netrek itself, goals and guidelines and
	coordinates activities, pushing partners where necessary.
-> "agents" implement them if "director" can't personally
-> "owners" can be "directors"
-> "owners" can be "agents"
	"owner" can have own "agents" to achieve the tasks to
	provide services, whether "owner" acts as "director" or as
	"agent" for a director.

So there are 2 different types of agents: organisational aides to
the directors to manage coordination, and technical aides to the
owners to provide services.
Next to "divide and conquer" now also "structure and guidance".

> > 	- www (nexus): Dave, James
> akb4 has been the primary maintainer of this content lately.

OK, but he doesn't "own" it by above definition.
I'm looking for the final deciders what is being served and how.
If it's delegated, then ... what are the conditions, is the agent
free to act as "director" or are there limits given by a "director"
or "owner"?
What would those limits be?

> > 	- meta-server: Carlos
> You've neglected the other metaservers. The metaservers also
> provide different resources with different "ownership". The
> resources include key list, FAQ, and active game list.

Ok then ...
- key list is owned + run by whom?
- which faq? where?

What other metas exist and are owned + run by whom?
	Other services they provide?

> > 	- SF project: Dave, Kurt, James, Carlos, Bob
> No, see the project definition on SF.

"Project Admins: ahn, quozl, siegl, tanner, unbelver"
Or what/ where else?

> > - Do you want to act as netrek director per game type?
> No, but I seem to have a vote.

"vote"? For what?

> > 		- run reference server for game type.
> > 			(allow only blessed)
> No.  Client blessing is pointless, since we have not TCA.

Disambiguate TCA, please.

But since you said "no", would you want to have _any other_ system
to make cheating harder, or rather let everybody do whatever they
want (server and client side)?

> No, I see no reason to run a reference server.  We have enough servers.

Well... one of them could become the reference server then.

> > - Will you treat all Netrek variants equally, no censoring or
> > preference in meta-server or other resources of general service?
> No.

What, how and why would you treat it differently?

> > 	- let the players decide what _they_ want to play,
> They can set up their own servers.  They have already.  warped.

Yes, but there can be more than just 1 other non-Bronco-server.

> > 	- let one director per type have an account on your systems
> > 		to execute their admin job as director on behalf of
> > 		the whole board.
> Certainly not.

... well... just for clarification if you accepted the director
system at all: if the owner acted as director or its agent, there
were no need for a separate access.

> > As a guideline what I expect from the directors: to take into
> > account that the newbie player type has changed.
> Couldn't parse the following paragraph.  Or the text that followed it.

Ok, could have been made shorter:
- we need changes,
- the directors should focus on the newbies _for now_,
- possibly pushing some veterans off limits,
- but not let them stop you as director for the cause of the newbies.

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