=- Dave Ahn wrote on Thu 31.May'07 at  1:36:06 -0400 -=

> Is there some sort of catastrophic emergency in the Netrek
> community that I am not aware of?

Yes, we need a plan, and people executing and coordinating it.

As so often some momentum arises periodically and fades away again
because of lack of coordination.

The point of all my "stirring up" is to get some _clear_ and
reliable structure or leadership to provide that coordination.
Chaos and freedom is fine, but doesn't help those who need/ want
guidance and a clear direction, when things go opposite ways.

I know you (Dave, and others, too) are very busy with non-trek
stuff, so I don't expect that you personally do all the required
work. "Required" as I have described it, because the current state
has been lingering around for years with no _lasting_ improvement
with regard to self-propelling playerbase.
 The problem is, you control the currently used resources without
exerting the power with it to define and push Netrek.

It requires active people to get things moving, move things oneself
and respond to requests faster, before the interest is gone again.
I see conflict (Bronco vs. Strugeon + Paratwinks, Borg-dom) where
cooperation should take place (protocol compatibility, joined
campaigning). That's a waste of energy.

> I see activity on the lists, notices of game stats for clue games,

If the current state is sufficient for you, fine, keep it that way.
I feel it is not sufficient (for blessing mechanism and
Paradise-Bronco cooperation due to lack of defintions and directions
for/ coordination of compatibility, capaigning), but I can't improve
matters all by myself (for that matter: I believe none of us can,
not even the owners, even if they wanted).

> and no reports of major problems or issues that have been brought
> specifically to my attention (as I have stated often in the past,
> best direct way to reach me PRIVATELY is at ahn at
> romulus.netrek.org).
> {...}
> There are some other infrastructure changes I have on my TODO
> list, but frankly I am rather busy at the moment, and I don't
> think these changes have any measurable impact on the current
> state of the community.
> {...}
> If anyone has a specific concern or request regarding the
> netrek.org infrastructure, please feel free to contact me
> directly.

... that "busy" scenario is exactly what I'm referring to with my
request, that's what I don't want to do: handle in private what is
of public interest.

BTW, Paradise-Workers is ready to move, can you make it happen?
SF sucks big time now.

> Andrew Bressen and Joe Evango have graciously volunteered to help
> maintain the netrek.org home page, and I am coordinating some
> infrastructure related issues with them.

This means the wiki path is dead? Forever? Or is this coming when
you have time to set it up?

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