=- Zach wrote on Wed  7.Mar'07 at  8:38:05 -0500 -=

> On 3/7/07, Rado S <regrado at web.de> wrote:
> > Having joined Kud's server a few weeks ago, it didn't feel
> What is the server address?

That was actually months ago, I'm not sure the server is still up,
was for testing only. Ask Kud when you meet him in #netrek again.

There are no known active P-servers around currently.

Somebody has offered to run one once he gets to extend his server
code to have solicitation (besides recovering from a general
hardware(?) failure recently).
When he succeeds, you'll see it in metas. ;)
("Somebody": don't be shy, ask for help if you need it. :)

Zach: DO NOT bother to contact that "somebody",
he'll get to us when ready for it (that's why I don't disclose his
name right now).

Then there was an uncontrolled one running at
paradise.games.uk.demon.net, not sure what happened to it.
I guess it's dead by now since nobody could find it anymore after
the metas cleanup (yup, no response, it's dead, Jim).

Let's see, maybe somebody (from #paradise?) can setup a functional
server again soon, so that the newbies have a choice.

Maybe this new player's thinking applies to more newbies in that
the "richer" features of Paradise can better lure in/ keep newbies
busy than Bronco, and later when they mature, they discover "the
original game".

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