> Here goes....
> >Netrek Classic (2MB)
> I downloaded, Installed and set up the Config, when through the quick
> Tutorial etc.
> When I double clicked the "Netrek" symbol on my desktop it said this:
> / ! \ The NETREK.EXE file is
> linked to missing export GDI32.DLL:AddFontResourceExA
> [ok]
> in that exact text.
Yes xp mod uses some new font resource adding/removal function
that is not backwards compatable..

> >Netrek XP 2006 (8MB)
> Installation was fine, and once finished the Netrek XP 2006 Sever List
> opened auto
> The good news it that I can play it....... but the planets are just Circles
> with names underneath them...
> also, it just mucked up after a minute of flying around... the main screen
> with all the ships and planets on cloned itself onto the list of players,
> then the main one next to the galaxy map froze completely. when i moved the
> "clone" up into the middle of the screen, it wasnt enlarged. the small
> section of the box was the only part of it (the section was the same size as
> the players list, and the players list was gone)
> last time i tried to play it, it was all just bliking and lagging. but since
> then i have uninstalled and reinstalled 2 or three times lol.

Ok, see the README for Win95, Win98, and WinME file in the docs directly.
In brief, not all features will work on Win98, but you can turn them off.
I recommend using the following:
newQuit: off
colorClient: 0
planetBitmap: 0
planetBitmapGalaxy: 0

Open your netrekrc file and find the corresponding entries (should be in
alphabetical order).  Or use the config utility and choose classic mode..I
think that covers the ship and planet bitmaps.  You may need to change the
quit window setting manually though (newQuit to off).