my mailhost refused to accept some msgs, if you had bounces,
please resend personally again.
I quote this from the archive, therefore the thread breaks, I'm
sorry for that, but it's still the same story:

Trent wrote:
> Rado, I'm not interested in arguing with you. I have a hundred
> other emails I should write to other people and hundred things
> more important that I should be doing. {...}
> I guess since it's never happened to you, you just can't understand.

Well, if you just explained, then maybe I could!!!
I'm neither interested in arguing, just give some damn straight and
simple answers:
- who else besides Bill has hurt you?
- what means credit to you?
- what's the benefit of credit for/ to you?
- what kind of credit do you (believe to) get _now_ with locked source?
- from whom?
- does this credit mean more to you than from fellow trek-coders
	and the whole community?

Now finally face this, don't be weasely about it again. If you
still won't explain, then you lose any credit you might have had.

To the keymaster (Carlos?):
- do you still support blessing of P2K?
	- if so, why?

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