Quoting James Cameron <quozl at us.netrek.org>:

> On Thu, Mar 22, 2007 at 10:51:21PM +0100, Rado S wrote:
> > To the keymaster (Carlos?):
> > - do you still support blessing of P2K?
> > 	- if so, why?

Drat. I missed out on the conversation because I ignored it after it
turned into an intellectual property rant.  Was there a specific issue
of borgishness brought up?

> Burying this at the end of a message with a subject unrelated to your
> question is likely to hinder the process.

Yes, please.  Unfortunately, I no longer have the free time at work I
used to have, and don't have time to follow a thread that may meander
into half a dozen different topics.  If one is going to thread drift,
change the subject line.

>  If you wish to open a discussion on unblessing a client, and have
> reasons to put forward, then begin a thread with that kind of
> subject line, or write to the keymaster address directly.

Ah, I see James covered that already.

But basically, I continue to accept P2K because at the beginning, he
established trust, and even complied with a couple of requests to
remove features.  Nowadays, I see his change log, and peruse it for
any historical borg hot buttons.  If I don't find any, I don't remove
his key.  He's been using the same 3 keys.  August 2000, November
1999, and September 1999 are the dates for the 3 P2K keys I have.

I depend on the community to decide amongst itself to say "THIS IS
BORGISH".  I am not the judge of new features, as I'm lucky to play
once a month nowadays.  If you have a problem, post it here, or on
r.g.n. and gain support for your position.

On a side note, nobody sends me keys anymore.  Karthik sent me a key
for MacOS X in December, and the last person before that was in
December 04.

Oh wait, no Bill sent me something May 06.

--Carlos V.