I noticed continium has RSA re-enabled, but not with MacTrek keys.  
I've posted
the keys here and sent personal messages to Carlos and Karthik  
regarding this
matter, but have not yet received a reply. Maybe i ended up in their
spam folders :-)

I Currently use two keys, on my (linux) server to which the clients  
authenticate fine:

# Temp development keys
    :cd=November 2006:ar=OSX-Tiger:\
key.mactrek-1.2.0.macosx:ct=MacTrek 1.2.0:cr=info at luky.nl:\
    :cd=March 2007:ar=Mac OS X (x86/PPC Universal):\

The first one is used for MacTrek 1.1.x releases and will eventually  
die out. Karthik had some
reservations about that release since some of the features may or may  
not be qualified as borg
it depends on your definition. (showing army counts on galactic, not  
targeting aids etc)

It is my belief that the 1.1.x branch has soo many drawbacks and  
other problems that the little
benefit this has will not lead to an advantage. There was a bug which  
prevents RSA from
working properly but a patch is released (1.1.2). ( Karthik  
discovered the bug, will add him to
credits unless i forget it :-)

To meet Karthik and the more general opinion on borgs some changes  
were made to fit to the
general consensus. This is the 1.2.x version. This version has many  
many more enhancements
and is generally much more stable. It is scheduled for release soon  
and will probably replace the
1.1.x versions in the field within 3-6 months. (i saw that with 1.0.0  
-> 1.1.0)

I would like very much to see these keys added to the general keylist  
so they end up in the
mainstream servers. Currently most have RSA disabled in favour of  
MacTrek clients but i did see
some borgs appear too.

Full code available on: http://sourceforge.net/projects/mactrek SVN  
holds the trunk code for 1.2.0

Best regards

Chris Lukassen