Rado S <regrado at web.de> writes:
> Technically it can, but since there will be 2 wikis, it's unclear
> where it belongs (or generally what will belong where).
> A resource dedicated to "dev" (wiki, mailing list, whatever)
> sounds dedicated to just code development.
> Otherwise, if _everything_ can/ should be put on the "dev" resource,
> why then have any other? Why not turn the "dev" into the main one?

Don't hold your breath waiting for a wiki. 
Once the mediawiki does materialize, it is conceivable that
we could migrate the dev content there. 

I'd consider marketing discussions to be in the same category 
as code dev and server maintainance; backend stuff that could
do just fine on the dev wiki. Unlike the stuff that potential 
players see, the dev wiki does not have to look pretty, 
and it is available now. 

Ineffective would mean not getting the job done.
Inefficient would allow for the possbibility of getting the job
done, just not in the way that makes best use of resources. 
Trying to remove a tree stump from your lawn by shooting rubber
bands at it would be ineffective. Using either a spoon or a canon
to remove a tree stump would probably be inefficient.