On 3/31/07, William Balcerski <williamb at its.caltech.edu> wrote:
> Agree 100%, especially with that last few words.  This brings us back to
> the question some raised - who is responsible ultimately for deciding what
> features are acceptable and what are borg?  Some might say that the
> players should have the ultimate say but that is not a good idea, as a
> vocal few can easily drown out the silent majority.  Plus the add of any
> new info-borgish features should be geared to future players not the
> current players, many I'm sure who want to see newbies have to endure the
> same steep learning curve they had to suffer.

Perhaps each server can have a voting mechanism (website, email, poll)
where players can vote for allowing a certain borg feature to be
supported on that server, so the clients could have any features they
want but only the ones voted on for a given server could the client
enable for use on that server. Is it possible to have the client do a
handshake a receive a list of options it must turn off (or is forced
off even) or is that not very feasible?