=- James Quick wrote on Sat 31.Mar'07 at 20:56:57 +1000 -=

> On Fri, Mar 30, 2007 at 07:40:22PM +0200, Rado S wrote:
> > Technically it can, but since there will be 2 wikis, it's unclear
> > where it belongs (or generally what will belong where).
> Never wait for a wiki when one already works. You can always
> move the content later. If the content is that valuable to you,
> then you will have a backup.

I'm not worried for the content, but the time wasted for moving
stuff between incompatible wikis, if it just takes a little before
the other is ready. (I know, we're all still/ already waiting for
quite a long time ;).

Or didn't you mean a literal "you" as in "Rado", but rather
"somebody" ... who then would be this somebody if not I?! ;)

=- Andrew K. Bressen wrote on Fri 30.Mar'07 at 17:41:58 -0400 -=

> Once the mediawiki does materialize, it is conceivable that we
> could migrate the dev content there.

Conveivable maybe, but not definite.
Plus, see above, if they are significantly incompatible, it will
take some extra time converting.

> I'd consider marketing discussions to be in the same category as
> code dev and server maintainance; backend stuff that could do
> just fine on the dev wiki. Unlike the stuff that potential
> players see, the dev wiki does not have to look pretty, and it
> is available now.

Ok, this "backend not for players" is a satisfying distinction for me.
Therefore I agree, it belongs to the dev-wiki.
*inspecting what've put up there already*

> Ineffective would mean not getting the job done.
> Inefficient would allow for the possbibility of getting the job
> done, just not in the way that makes best use of resources.

Thank you very much, makes more sense now, retrying to make sense
out of the dictionary with that help. :)
Didn't help that "ineffective" had this meaning among others:
"not capable of performing efficiently or as expected"
or vice versa:
"not producing the effect intended or desired, INCAPABLE, INCOMPETENT"

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