Some years ago, we were holding minidrafts at the beginning of clue games, to balance them.  We did it manually and, at the time, I had begun work on some code to add infrastructure for the process.

I've lost that work, but minidrafts were mentioned the other night, and I've decided to pick it up again and see if I can't get it implemented.

Here's the general idea-- I'd be interested if anyone has suggestions or comments on the method proposed.

The general idea is that both captains agree to have a minidraft.  Then they draft from the pool of player slots.  I would like to have a play-by-play of the draft to the ALL board, so the players can follow along, although this will probably be a point of contention with some.   Once complete, the players are (automatically) traded to the appropriate team.  I hope to make use of the trade code that Karth has put in recently to do this.  After that, game starts normally.

The following commands would be Implemented:
MINIDRAFT -- both captains must request a minidraft for one to commence
DRAFT x -- a captain drafts a player
UNDRAFTED -- list undrafted slots
HOMETEAM -- list currently drafted home team
AWAYTEAM -- list currently drafted away team

Some problems I see:
-- I'm not crazy about the HOMETEAM/AWAYTEAM command names
-- What to do if slots quit during the draft?  Personally, I think this needs to be left to the captains to sort out, even if it means restarting the draft.  It's very complicated to handle even the basic cases programmatically, and a major clue shift in the slot will most likely require a re-draft anyhow.

Any comments?